Hemp & CBD Body Lotion

Hemp oil tinctures and capsules are a traditional way to enjoy your CBD.  However, hemp topicals like hemp body lotion are quickly rising in popularity.  Kingsley CBD’s hemp body lotion is an amazing moisturizer for your skin that comes with the added benefits of full-spectrum CBD.  Aside from moisturizing, our full-spectrum infused hemp body lotion also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging elements.  Because we use full-spectrum CBD extract, this hemp body lotion is rich in essential fatty and amino acids that provide you with natural proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are essential to having healthy skin.

The Benefits of Hemp Body Lotion

Typically CBD topicals are made by mixing either full-spectrum CBD (or CBD isolate) with ingredients that are beneficial to your skin; for example, coconut oil and essential oils.  Full-Spectrum CBD itself has a number of properties that are good for the skin including amino acids, pigments, waxes and vitamins and minerals.

One noteworthy benefit of hemp body lotion is that you can target a specific area.  If you’re experiencing perhaps a reaction to something you touched, you can put the hemp CBD lotion on the target area. The CBD will then work its way into the affected area and begin treating it. Other benefits of daily use of hemp body lotion are improving skin damage, preventing dry skin, accelerate the healing process, and strengthening skin’s defense mechanisms.  On the downside, you will need to use more than you would commonly use lotions that don’t contain CBD in order for the CBD to penetrate the skin.  With enough of the hemp body lotion, the full-spectrum CBD will penetrate the pores and enter the blood stream to begin working. Hemp body lotion can also help with the treatment of psoriasis, acme, eczema, and wrinkles.

Another notable benefit of hemp body lotion is the elimination of the First Pass Effect. The First Pass Effect is what happens to medicine when taken orally. When medicine is taken by mouth, it first travels through many organs and comes in contact with a variety of the body’s chemicals prior to entering the circulatory system where it starts to work.  Some of the potency of the drug is lost as it travels through the liver gastrointestinal system.  The great thing about our hemp body lotion is that the delivery of CBD to the body bypasses major organs like the lungs, liver and stomach.  These vital organs are where cannabinoids (the active molecules of the cannabis plant) are filtered and broken down.  Because the CBD doesn’t pass through these organs, your body gets the full medicinal value of the CBD.

What You Get

Each 2oz. jar of our hemp body lotion contains 600mg (300mg per ounce) of CBD and is available in a fresh, floral scent or unscented.  This all natural blend of botanicals contain several beneficial ingredients.  Aside from our full-spectrum CBD oil, our hemp body lotion includes all-natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil, organic aloe leaf juice, witch hazel water, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, rose flower water, organic white willow bark extract, organic rosemary leaf extract, and organic neem seed oil.

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