The Kingsley CBD line is a family owned premier CBD brand. People always ask why we got into this space and why we are so passionate about bringing high quality full spectrum CBD products to you, the consumer. Being from Colorado Springs, Colorado we were fascinated by early CBD stories and wanted to understand the hype around why people were uprooting their families to Colorado in order to help their epileptic children. One of Kingsley’s founders went to a hemp expo in Colorado, where he purchased a full spectrum CBD hemp tincture. That night, after taking the tincture, he didn’t snore! The only thing him and his wife could figure out is that the CBD helped open his nasal passages, resulting in the best night sleep he had ever experienced. They were sold! 

After personally experiencing what the hemp plant had to offer, we quickly invested in the industry. Our roots are in extraction. We have been extracting full spectrum hemp extracts since 2016 and personally know that not all CBD is created equal. We quickly found out that low quality hemp produced a low-quality extract that needed to be further refined/processed, however; with every additional process, we lose more and more natural benefits. This is especially important! The purer the hemp product, the less effective the product (i.e. Isolate). We wanted to make CBD products that worked and helped people reach their wellness needs. We committed to only working with the highest quality hemp in order to produce the highest quality full spectrum CBD extract-rich in major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other naturally occurring micro-nutrients. 

Some of the largest innovators in the space took notice of our process and we have been manufacturing bulk and white-label CBD products for the last 4 years. With the depth of our experience and knowledge in the hemp industry, we saw a need for vertically integrated CBD brands. By being vertically integrated we could bring an extremely high-quality product to market at fair prices. We could also offer our knowledge and experience directly to the consumer to help educate them about CBD and hemp products. At that, the Kingsley Brand was born.

About Kingsley Products

The Kingsley CBD line of full spectrum hemp extract products is a premier CBD brand. We are a seed-to-sale provider growing our hemp from superior seeds bred on our organic Colorado farm. We maintain a full chain of custody to ensure every facet of the process adheres to our quality standards. Our sub zero extraction process produces high quality full spectrum oil that is rich in CBD and maintains the terpenes, flavonoids and major and minor cannabinoids required to achieve the Entourage Effect. Because we grow quality biomass that is high in CBD and low in THC (under the legal limit of .3%), there is no need for further refinement to achieve an acceptable CBD content level. All CBD used in Kingsley CBD products undergoes full panel testing by a third-party independent lab for cannabinoids, terpenes, potency, metals, microbes and residual solvents to insure we are providing the highest quality product to our customers. Our extract, rich in these beneficial plant compounds, is available in tinctures, gelcaps, topicals and pet care.

The Kingsley CBD brand promise is to provide consumers with a consistent source of CBD of the highest quality that helps them achieve their wellness needs.

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