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With the popularity of CBD rising through the United States, producers of CBD are working diligently to broaden their portfolios to include more than just CBD tinctures and gel caps. Topical CBD, such as lotions and oils, is a quickly growing trend in the CBD industry because they benefit the body both on the outside as well as on the inside.

Topical CBD is typically made by mixing CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD into beneficial skin products such as coconut oil or shea butter. We at Kingsley CBD offer topical CBD that is made with our organic, non-GMO and vegan full-spectrum CBD to produce high quality topicals that work to nourish you skin and satisfy the mind and body.

Topical CBD Benefits

Full-Spectrum CBD contains several components that are beneficial to the skin such as amino acids, waxes, pigments, vitamins, and minerals.

Being able to target one specific area is a significant benefits of topical CBD. Whether you are experiencing pain or a patch of itchy skin, with CBD topicals, you can focus on that particular area of concern. The CBD works its way through the skin to the affected area and works its magic. Additional benefits to the skin include alleviation of skin irritations such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema; repairing skin damage; moisturizing dry skin; and quickening the healing process.

Another noteworthy benefit of topical CBD is the absence of the First Pass Effect. The First Pass Effect occurs when medicine is taken by mouth and travels through the circulatory system. As the CBD is carried throughout the body, it’s broken down and some of the CBD loses its potency. Because CBD in topicals don’t pass through any vital organs, the potency of the CBD isn’t compromised.

CBD Topicals at Kingsley CBD

We currently offer two CBD topical options; our Full-Spectrum CBD Hand and Body Lotion and Full-Spectrum CBD Cooling Cream.

Our Full-Spectrum Hand and Body Lotion comes in a 2oz. jar that contains 600mg of CBD and is available as scented or unscented. We have created a lotion that does so much more than just restores moisture. It also contains anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Kingsley Full-Spectrum Hand and Body Lotion is hemp seed oil based, therefore, providing you with important fatty acids and amino acids that contain natural proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals that are vital for healthy skin.

Our Full-Spectrum Cooling Cream also come in a 2oz. jar containing 600mg of CBD. Our Cooling Cream leaves provides therapeutic benefits to specific areas of pain and inflammation which leaves a cooling sensation to relax the pain. Kingsley Full Spectrum Cooling Cream is Arnica and MSM based. Arnica has been found to increase blood flow and speed up the healing process and MSM has been found to relieve pain and inflammation.

Our CBD topicals are recommended for adults only and are safe enough to use twice per day. To learn more about the CBD topicals at Kingsley CBD head on over to our website and read all about it!


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